The faculty of Beloved Saint Germain’s “I AM” School are all professionals, qualified to teach at the School. Each member is required to hold a minimum professional, BA or BS degrees, and/or varied professional experience. Faculty members are expected to have a firm knowledge in the subject matter they are to teach; advise and assist students in fulfilling the requirements of their program of study according to the California State standards; exhibit continuous professional development; relate teaching to our mission "'I AM' Education Illumining the Minds of the World."



The curriculum takes the student from kindergarten through twelfth grade. High educational standards are required and maintained. We meet or exceed the California State standards of education, which are currently the highest in the nation. The educational methods used at the "I AM" School are varied and tailored for each student's individual needs from kindergarten through high school. A combination of Montessori and traditional methods are used to give each student the best educational experience possible. The kindergarten class prepares the student, through creative handwork and supervised association, to cooperate both in thought and feeling with school activity and with each other. The fundamental application of the Laws of the “I AM” is presented to the student daily. Through the elementary grades, the preparation of the student to use his/her ability to call on his/her “Mighty I AM Presence” continues; and, in each grade level, higher and higher standards are required in his/her scholastic efforts.

The junior high school gives the opportunity to carry the student through that period of development when the student is being given the opportunity to purify and Master the emotional body. The opportunity is offered to further anchor his/her consciousness in the Great Laws of Life; thus giving him/her the only true education. This prepares him/her for the more strenuous scholastic requirements of high school. This high school curriculum prepares the student to take his/her rightful place in society, encouraging and respecting his/her own direction from his/her “Mighty I AM Presence” and enfolding Master. The curriculum also prepares the student for college, university, or vocational aspirations. The curriculum taught at this level is college preparatory.

We encourage all of our students to attend college. Mathematics, science, English, history, foreign language are all presented very thoroughly, with a complete correlation of each subject with the everyday activity of the outer world. The primary objective in presenting each subject, however, is the interpretation according to the Laws of Life, as given to us by the Ascended Masters through Their Instruction.



Art, music, Spanish, theater, home economics, gardening, business studies, graphic design, public speaking, health & fitness and supervised physical education complete our academic program. In every instance, particularly with art and music, the desire is to develop the Inner Consciousness of the student, rather than impose upon him/her outer world concepts. An average grade of at least 70% is required at all times for continued enrollment. All students must take the SAT and ACT college entrance exams during their junior and/or senior years. This is a prerequisite for a diploma.

As part of the curriculum students and teachers of the “I AM” School attend two complete Fundamental Classes a year, and a weekly Wednesday morning Violet Flame class at the “I AM” Temple of Mt. Shasta. The first series usually begins the first or second Monday of the school year, and the second series begins the first or second Monday in January. The Violet Flame Class is from 8:00 am. to 10:00 am. The reason for incorporating the weekly two hour Violet Flame Class as part of the school curriculum is to establish the pattern, or habit in the student of the necessity of attending this Class- the knowledge and use of the Violet Flame being of primary importance after the knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence.” 

Every year our Spanish classroom has an interesting combination of grade levels, it becomes an interactive class. We learn Spanish grammar, build up vocabulary, and practice some Spanish conversations, through games, videos, worksheets, textbooks, computer courses and other activities that make our class fun and rewarding. Our music program consists of individual activities as well as group activities. For individual activities we offer private lessons for piano, organ and vibraharp. For group activities we have a handbell choir. Our vocal choir activities are combined with the "I AM" Temple of Mount Shasta Choir.


"I AM" School, Inc., 118 Siskiyou Ave., Mount Shasta, CA 96067

phone: (530) 926 6263 fax: (530) 926 0828