The curriculum takes the student from kindergarten through twelfth grade. High educational standards are required and maintained. The elementary and high school curricula prepare the students to take their rightful places in society, encouraging and respecting their own direction from their "Mighty I AM Presence." The fourth year offers an economics course and The World Today and Tomorrow which focuses on many strategies and tools that the student may incorporate into his/her life to make a successful transition into college or whatever vocation the student wishes to pursue.

The English and History courses are combined at the high school level. High school English includes reading, grammar, spelling and writing. History classes rotate on a three year schedule. We focus on American History one year, looking at America's identity and the writers, historical figures, symbols, documents and events that have helped to shape her. The next year, we study Ancient Civilizations and how the connections between the early civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome have had a profound effect on the formation and development of America's government and culture. The third year examines the fundamentals of European history and English literature and their effect upon our modern culture.

Math is Saxon-based from grade four through Algebra II. Geometry and Calculus are offered as separate subjects. Science is taught at every grade level. Students have access to modern lab and computer equipment. Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Earth Science, and Life Science are all available at the high school level. Advanced placement courses are offered in Calculus, Chemistry, American History and English Literature and Composition.

Foreign Language (Spanish) is offered for two years in high school as required by California educational standards. At the "I AM" School, Spanish may be taken for four years. We also start teaching basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar in the elementary grades.

Physical Education activities include soccer, tennis, golf, running, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, ice skating, ice hockey, circuit (light weights) training, dancing and yoga. Several ski and sledding afternoons are organized through the winter period at a wonderful local ski resort.

CLICK HERE to download the 2015/16 Health & Fitness and Physical Education Syllabus

Music classes develop the Inner Consciousness of the student, rather than impose outer world concepts. Students are encouraged to learn an individual instrument, as well as perform together as a handbell choir.

Art focuses on tradition skills of drawing and painting clear beautiful forms, of studying light and clear colors as the Ascended Master instruction teaches, while encouraging individual expression. Learning to quiet the mind and body before bringing forth the beauty in their art projects is an important skill learnt. In 2015, students will cover 6 modules of: Drawing, Painting, Landscapes, The Human Body, Wood Sculpture and Stone Sculpture. Students present a portfolio of work, on display at the "I AM" School Open Days in July and August.

CLICK HERE to download 2015/16 GRADE 6-12 Art Syllabus

CLICK HERE to download 2015/16 GRADE 1-5 Art Syllabus

Graphic Design classes start with 10-15mins of typing exercises every class, an essential skill in today's world. Students work with the industry standard Adobe suite of programs: Illustrator; InDesign; Photoshop; Dreamweaver; and AfterEffects. The modules covered include: Design Concepts; Photo rendering; Calligraphy; Typography; Desktop Publishing; Web Design; Animation; and Film.

Desktop Publishing Projects every year include designing and publishing: the "I AM" School newsletters, by the Grade School; our "I AM" School Calendar, by the Junior High School; the 'Cosmic Light in Print' Magazine, by the Senior High School.

Computer literacy includes the extensive use of commonly encountered applications, particularly Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, is mandated in the preparation of reports and assignments in all core subjects. Students also make use of Google Docs to share project work and group assignments. All students complete typing classes in their Graphic Design class and the high school students sit typing competency exams.

CLICK HERE to download 2015/16 GRADE 6-12 Graphic Design syllabus

Business & Leadership is a High School subject taken by Grades 10, 11 & 12 students, in preparation for the outer world of business, and to help students discover their talent, desire and direction they may wish to follow in College.

Grade 10, 11 study six modules of: Business Communication; Organization & Leadership; Goods Industries; Service Industries; World Innovation; and Wealth Generation. Covering a broad range of topics from managing change, time management and company structures through to interviewing international executives and developing and launching a real business.

Grade 12 students capitalize on the previous year, deepening their skills and understanding in their six modules of: Business Communication; Business Research & Work Experience; Advertising & Marketing; Business Management; Technology & Sustainability; Leading & Managing People. The highlight being choosing a company, applying to the company, then to work in the company for a week, somewhere in the USA.

CLICK HERE to download 2015/16 GRADE 11 Business & Leadership Syllabus

CLICK HERE to download 2015/16 GRADE 12 Business & Leadership Syllabus

In Light Class, we study the Books and recorded Dictations of the Saint Germain Series. Attending Violet Flame Groups and Fundamentals at the "I AM" Temple of Mount Shasta is a part of our curriculum.

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