“Home is where the heart is.”

The great truth of that statement is even more profound for Students of the “I AM,” because, indeed, the Heart is the Open Door to the Presence, the “HOME” for which we have all sought throughout countless centuries. With sincere heart feeling by many wonderful contributors, the “I AM” School Residence has been funded, designed, constructed and furnished down to the last special detail. 

From the very shape of the building, with its arms reaching out to embrace those who enter, to the elegant attention to detail throughout its interior, to the lovely nesting influence of its first house mother, the “I AM” School Residence honors its fortunate children with a wholesome nurturing that will inspire them in their school activities and be a vital part of their childhood experience that will prepare them to give their best to a world frantically searching for the way home. 

God bless, protect and sustain forever the “I AM” School Residence and every precious Life Stream who enters through its doors.

"I AM" School, Inc., 118 Siskiyou Ave., Mount Shasta, CA 96067

phone: (530) 926 6263 fax: (530) 926 0828